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Easy 30 Minute Air Fryer Recipes

Quick and easy 30 minute recipes for your family. Have dinner ready without alot of fuss in the air fryer. From small dinner bites to more hearty meals, there’s something for everyone.

Easy Air Fryer 30 Minute Recipes for Meals, Dinners, Snacks

These delicious family-friendly recipes ready in 30 minutes or less.  These are easy to assemble the day of cooking or a day ahead of time. So when you come home from a long days work,  all the meal prep and ready. All you need to do is to pop them in the air fryer and dinner is ready in less than 30 minutes (depending on the recipe and the power of your air fryer).

  1. If it’s a fresh vegetable, you can pre-cut them and have the veggies ready to go.
  2. For fresh meats, they can be marinated a day ahead.
  3. For recipes with sauces, make those up to 3 days ahead. It’s great if you prep a few sauces that way you have more options for the week.